Auckland to Wellington_New Zealand_2008

......Memories... memories. One year and half ago. I posted some pictures from my trip to Australia and New Zealand some time ago and then I stopped. There are some more I think you'de like to see. Those from New Zealand. Auckland, the trip from Auckland to Wellington, the capital of NZ, then from Picton to Christchurch, to the south of the Southern island. By the way, Romanians don't need a visa to enter NZ. But when you leave the country you have to pay a tax. It was 25 NZ dollars/person when I was there, in 2008.
......So, this is New Zealand. A lot of space, some farms, mountains, lakes, cows, sheep, clam people. it'a totally different world there. There's no rush. That's the right place if you want to take a break and forget about everything else.
......I posted the pictures from Auckland HERE. I think it's their biggest town. A town where everybody owns a boat. You'll see the harbor.
......The next stop was Wellington. I decided not to take a flight, but a train. It's a touristic train called Overlander. Tickets can be bought online months in advance. At the station in Auckland you don't have to exchange it. Just check in the luggage and get a seat. It's very easy. And it goes from Auckland to Wellington, crossing the northern island from north to south. The journey may seem long, about 12 hours. But it's very confortable, there's food to buy, the driver is also your guide, meaning that from time to time he tells you what you're seeing outside. There's a special car, with no windows, where you can go and take very good pictures. I'm telling you, this is the best way to enjoy the northern part of the island. And this was not the only train I took. But you'll find out more with the next posts. For me it's still hard to believe that I travelled almost to the end of the world.

The farm, in the middle of nowhere

Inside the train

This is the train
It has only one stop, at the National Park. 40 minutes to relax. There's one more reason. This is the only point on the route where there's only one rail. So this train must wait for the other one coming from Wellington to come and pass in order to be able to move on. There is a small village here. I wonder what these people do all day long. There's nothing else around. NOTHING.

Houses in the village

This is the route of the train

Travelling undercover :))

Next stop, Wellington.

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