La Cenerentola_National Opera Bucharest_Bogdan Mihai_Maria Jinga_13.02.2010

Don Ramiro - Bogdan Mihai
Dandini - Daniel Filipescu
Don Magnifico - Radu Pintilie
Clorinda - Valentina Tudose
Tisbe - Sidonia Nica
Angelina - Cenerentola - Maria Jinga
Alidoro - Ion Dimieru
Conductor: Vlad Conta
Orchestra and chorus of the Bucharest National Opera
......It was an enjoyable evening, but I'm sure that everybody can do better. It wasn't as joyful and flexible as I heard it before on other occasions. The orchestra was too loud from time to time, completely covering the voices. "Non piu mesta" was fine till half way, then it changed. It's difficult for the mezzo soprano to save her breath till the very end. Good luck for the next performace. But, following the "good" habbit of the Opera House, the cast will be different. So nobody can see if there's any improvement. And hopefully the costumes will fit better the next tenor. These were too large for Mr Mihai. Only the last one was his size.

Radu Pintilie

Maria Jinga and Bogdan Mihai

Mariana Nicolesco, applauding her student, Bogdan Mihai


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